Misty Anne Upham

JULY 6, 1982 – OCTOBER 16, 2014

Michael, photographed on July 6, 1982

Michael, photographed on July 6, 1982

My life started on Tuesday, July 6, 1982 the same as Misty Upham.

I've always found interesting to know of having a shared birthday. Back to my childhood I recall knowing that I shared a birthday with Nancy Reagan and Merv Griffin. I had no idea who Merv Griffin was the time. Nancy Reagan? Absolutely. Years later I also heard of President George W. Bush's same July 9th birthday during his second year in office. Presidential birthday?, definitely cool.

Flash forward to the age of the internet. One can simply review every single day of the year on Wikipedia, thus one can review all births compared to their own. This summer I wanted to mark my 32nd birthday by looking up my fellow July 6 birthdays. Along with Misty, Brandon Jacobs, (New York Giants Running Back) Tay Zonday (Actor/Producer of "Chocolate Rain"), Bree Roberston (Australian gymnast) were all born on July 6, 1982.

While sending birthday wishes to my fellow July 6 birthdays, Misty was the only to respond. It was very nice of her to retweet my July 6th birthday graphic. It definitely gave me an extra smile on my birthday. While I didn't get the chance to meet Misty in person, I cherish our shared birthday and brief connect through Twitter.


From our shared birthday, I felt compelled to honor Misty's life and career. In our digitally connected lives, I feel there is a genuine sense to find real connections to each other in this world. Those moments, coincidences, and experiences that bids us together as a collective humanity. As a celebration of her life, Below are a collection of her career moments and life experiences through her own tweets.  From Animal Rights to Native American issues Misty championed these causes and used social media to bring awareness.

"Create, Don't sleep." - Misty Upham. Words to live by.