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For over a decade Michael has developed sports brands with MLB and the NHL at Fanbrandz. His content has been featured on Good Morning America, Brand New, HOW Design, CNN, People Magazine and the Smithsonian Channel.



Michael Raisch



Michael is currently the Senior Designer and New Media Director at Fanbrandz, a sports branding agency that partners with Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League on special event and franchise branding programs. In 2015 Michael won his first CLIO along with his creative team at Fanbrandz and partners at the NHL for the 2015 Bridgestone NHL Winter Classic identity. Aside from his professional contributions in the field, Michael is also a passionate digital storyteller and content producer. His work at Raisch Studios has ranged from filming time-lapse of One World Trade Center's rise to a tribute for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 told through the lens of international aviation of photographers. In 2014 Michael gained international exposure for his tribute to Malaysia Airlines Flight 370. The final memorial was viewed 90,000 times in 172 countries within the first 3 days of publication. Michael is also known for filming the first remake of Jurassic Park in 1993.


Sports Branding Experience

A decade of experience in event and franchise branding projects for Major League Baseball and the National Hockey League.


Digital Storytelling

Self-initiated passion projects. Capturing and sharing news event stories through visually impactful content. Original content featured on CNN, People Magazine, USA Today, Good Morning America and the Smithsonian Channel.


The Rise of One World Trade Center


Section 319 of the Spire of the World Trade Center is positioned into place, April 2013

Section 319 of the Spire of the World Trade Center is positioned into place, April 2013

In late 2011 as the steel of One World Trade Center began to emerge from the New York City skyline, I trained my camera's on it's historic rise. By the Spring of 2013 I was contacted by producer Paul McGuire of Pipeline 39 Entertainment to take part in the documentary film of the topping off on One WTC's Spire. By May of 2013 the time had come for World Trade Center to reclaim it's symbolic place in the New York City skyline. It was a proud and emotional day to be an American. I felt incredibly proud to both document and witness this historic moment in our nation's story.

The reclaiming of 16 acres in Lower Manahattan to the rise of One World Trade Center. © Raisch Studios, 2002-2013


Visual History: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Photography Tribute

Producing an international tribute for Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 told through the lens of aviation photographers and planespotters.


Digital Storytelling: The day our family met
John Kennedy in 1960


As the nation looked back on our fallen President marking 50 years since the assassination of JFK. I spoke with my Mother on the day she met, Senator Kennedy in 1960. Fortunately for us, my Grandmother set out to see JFK's campaign in late October 1960.  A once in a lifetime experience occurred for my Mother, watch my full film, 'Honoring John F. Kennedy's Legacy'.


Post September 11th Photography Work

Capturing a world changed in the aftermath of the events of 9/11.


Featured Content

Filmed over 20 years ago, Two kids re-created Jurassic Park shot-for-shot in their basements. Original content featured on:


The Art After 9/11

A college student's original sketches and art in response to September 11th, 2001