Toddlers upstairs, Parents downstairs.

Downton Abbey coloring pages for our 2yo birthday .

Ever since our daughter was born in 2012, My wife and I have become huge fans of Downton Abbey. Since then it premieres in the U.S. the same week as her birthday. As a measure of our excitement this year we set to re-shoot the opening sequence of Downton Abbey in all of it's glory as 'Toddler Abbey'. We found ourselves relatable to the 'downstairs' servants of our daughter's everyday whims and needs. This analogy fueled the visuals of our parody in honor of Downton Abbey's season 5 premiere. The original opening title sequence is posted below. We hope you enjoy!


The original Dowton Abbey opening. Directed and designed by: Hugo Moss Creative Director: Tamsin McGee Composer: John Lunn

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