Great Auntie Julia, 1920 - 2011

© 2011 Raisch Studios, Carney Family Homestead, Right, Julia, Left, DeliaWord from Ireland brings news of my Great Aunt Julia's pasting. We were fortunate to have met her in the Summer of 2009 in County Mayo, Ireland. I was comforted in meeting her, her mannerisms and especially her Irish brogue reminded me so much of my Great Grandmother, or Nana, as we knew her. 

Julia was one of 9 children born in the Irish condo pictured Above, Nana was born first, 1903. The youngest, Nancy was born in 1922. I believe the 9 are as follows; Delia, John, Tom, Pat, Mary, Mick, Nellie, Julia and Nancy.

As I sipped my Guinness, I think of Ireland and my extended family. My thoughts to the Carneys and Auntie Julia. I'm sure she meant same to her immediate family as Delia did for ours.

Saol fada chugat


Michael Raisch

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