Visual History: Malaysia Airlines Flight 370



In late March 2014, as the troubling story of Flight 370 spread across the world. I researched international plane spotter photography work of the missing airliner. An incredible international story began to emerge as the missing airliner in it's decade of service traveled globe many times over. I collected an international group of aviation photographers spanning six continents to tell the backstory of the Malaysian Airliner, 9M-MRO or as the world knew it as 'MH370'. With hours of posting the tribute began to take on a life of it's own.

The tribute to MH370 was viewed by an international audience of 120,000k in one week. The piece was trending across Facebook, Twitter and Reddit communities in under 48 hours of release. Press coverage reached from Malaysia, United States, Indonesia, China, to Romania. I was fortunate to give interviews to CNN, New York and Astro Awani, Kuala Lumpur on the tribute. 

"Thank you from Malaysia, Mr. Raisch, for this beautiful tribute. An effort well done. And many thanks to all contributors from all over the globe. … Our thoughts and prayers to all passengers and crew members on board that fateful night...We shall remain hopeful." – Wan

"This is absolutely beautiful. Thank you for creating it, and thank you to all the photographers for finding a way to use their creativity. I would have never thought that having a love for taking photos of airplanes would turn into something so breathtaking." – Marlis Tolbert Hanson

"I have earned a new respect for the people out there who are aviation enthusiasts. These are brilliant photographs. You guys have created a really meaningful piece and although I do not personally know anyone who was on MH370, I feel the poignancy of this work." – Aziz Ahmad


First Week of Release: Friday April 4 – April 7, 2014


Media Coverage in China

Astro Awani, Kuala Lumpur

CNN's Front Page on Apri 4th, 2014

The Times Picayune/

Southeast Asia

The Star Online, Malaysia

Michael Raisch

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